Why I Started this Blog

REFLECTIONS -️ February 7, 2022

I've started this blog with a couple things in mind. One thing is I've been getting signals from a lot of places to write more, and this is a good excuse to write. The other is I've been much more control of my time as of late, and because of this naturally I'm learning a lot quicker, and going over a lot of topics.

I generally read a lot, taking what I personally believe is good, and leaving whats bad. Its a great advantage to take in many sources of perspectives to broaden your own. I'll give my own perspective, as bias free as I can.

On Writing More.

As a person writing gives me an outlet and allows me to be more aware. I'm one of those people that don't have much of an internal dialogue. This makes it harder for me to be more aware of how I'm actually feeling unless I do mindfulness training or journal/reflect.

On Sharing Knowledge

In life you can't trust things unless you do it yourself and try. I like to experiment and reflect on them. Good or bad they may give you ideas on how to change things in your life for the better.

Furthermore as a coder you need to be constantly up to date, learning the latest technology. Its easy to feel unaware of whats going on. It's easy to feel like everyone is doing so much around you, and you could be doing more. It's A LOT of work to do all that, we have full time jobs, families, and our lives to attend too.

I want to focus on making it easier. A high quality source of knowledge that you can look forward to reading without automatically glossing over the details.

On What Topics to Look Forward Too

To Name a Few:

  • Cloud Development
  • Startups
  • Interview Experiences - Google, Amazon, etc.
  • Computer Networking
  • Meditation - Thought control, Daily practice and techniques.
  • Personal Finance - Budgeting, Investing, Compound Interest/ Dividends.
  • Fitness - Diets, Routines that work. etc.


I've been doing an Experiment I call "No Dopamine Triggers for 21 Days". All social media, phone games are ruining our lives because they are programmed to artificially release this chemical in your brain to make you feel like you're accomplishing things in your life. I believe that this is a major cause of general sadness that the new generation is experiencing. We need to be the ones to control ourselves because its in companies and marketers best interests for us to continue down the same path. I'll make a full post about this, how difficult its been, any benefits, and my general findings.

Cloud Development, Startups

Lately I've been learning a ton about Cloud Development. This is because I've done a startup YOKD Personal Training that leverages that technology. The startup sparked my interest in cloud development which made me want to learn what people in the industry are up to. This involved learning industry standards, enterprise best practices, the underlying networking infrastructure, automating the development process such as the Serverless Framework, Terraform, AWS SAM, AWS CDK, AWS Amplify.

All technologies to make the lives of developers easier. Its insane how quickly you can create and deploy technical applications now if you know what you're doing.


I've been learning about networking components, and the underlying protocols that run the internet. Building a series of posts that describes each part as I go. Describing them in an easy/friendly way.


This has been a letter from a coder.

Best Regards, Tyler Farkas

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